Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the course!

    2. How to use Thinkific

    3. Legal and Boring Stuff

    1. Registration with the CPSC (overview)

    2. Registration with the CPSC (w/video)

    3. Registration with the CPSC - Letterhead Request

    4. I have a number...Now what?

    1. How much testing do I need?

    2. OK, ok, but what EXACTLY needs tested?

    3. Educated Assumptions

    4. What is a "style"?

    5. Styles of Pacifier Leash ends that pass consistently

    6. First Party (self) Testing Document

    7. Written Testing Plan Template

    1. Supplier Statements, Lab Reports, and First Party Testing Reports

    2. Children's Product Certificate

    3. Customer-Facing Formal Letter of Compliance

    1. What needs to be on the label? What about disclaimers?

    2. Batch Code

    1. I need a little more help!

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